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Project Description
A Wizard, like CEDriverWiz etc, that runs from Tools menu to generate or import a C# Managed Code OS Subproject for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Projects.


This project, along with renaming, changed URL, added features and bug fixes, is actually version 2 of:

Key New Feature:

Supports importing existing Compact 2013 (Compact Framework V3.9) C# SDK projects, as well as Compact 7 (Compact Framework 2 and 3.5) Smartdevice projects:


Windows CE 4 was called #Windows CE, NET# as it introduced Compact Framework application development to CE. The method for developing Managed Code apps has been to develop an OS then an SDK, and then do the Managed Code app development in another instance of Visual Studio to that the OS project. Native code applications could be developed in the OS as subprojects or as SDK projects. What about Managed Code apps as OS subprojects?

There has been an ability to compile Managed Code projects with the OS from CE 4.1 days, although it has been largely undocumented. There are a couple of pages for doing it with CE 5 and CE6 but this information is not very detailed.

In Compact 7, because of the adoption of a unified build, the OS and Subprojects build with the same engine. It was possible to include an existing Compact Framework in an OS project. See chapter 45 of our book for a discussion of that. With the change of compilers for Compact 2013, that undocumented ability was broken.


If you open the property pages of an OS (native) Subproject you will see the Managed Code tab. There must be a way to create and build Managed Code apps as subprojects.
  • Create them similar to "Add New Subproject" wizard.
  • Build them and run them as with native code apps.

About CEESharpWiz

Pronounced SEEEEEE-Sharp-Wiz (Please excuse the pun, intended!)
CEESharpWiz generates a sources OS Managed Code that can be incorporated directly into a Windows Embedded Compact 2013 OS project as a Subproject.
  • Source code generated is C#
    • Could do a VB version.
  • The app installs similar to CEDriverWiz in that it uses the PBScripts engine to run in the context of the OS project environment.
  • There is an option to create either a Console app or a Winforms app.
    • This version of the wizard supports importing an existing SDK Compact Framework app
    • Also supports importing a Compact 7 SmartDevice C# project.
  • You can add additional form and class pages as well as attach resources such as image files.
    • Easy to add more templates


  • Add more template files.
  • Further facilitate resources


  • There is no capability to debug these apps apart from a brute force writeline approach.
  • Whilst the forms page comes with its designer page , generated forms page can't be viewed in a the Visual Editor this making GUI design a bit harder. This also means that the creation of UI component event handlers has to be coded manually.
  • Whilst resource files can be added, resource compilation is not currently supported.
  • Compilation errors when double clicked don't take you to the source code.


Please leave comments/reviews (see Discussions) .Thx
  • Is this app useful?
  • Is Import a desirable feature?
  • What item templates would you like?
  • Should VB be supported?
  • Etc.

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